Celebrating World AIDS Day Events Across the Nation


AHF 30th Anniversary Documentary Screenings, Talent Shows, Panel Discussions, and Candlelight Vigils

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    Western Region

    11/28 at 6:30pm – Seattle AHF 30th Anniversary Documentary Screening and Condom Distribution-Sheraton Seattle Hotel and NW Film Forum
    12/1 at 6pm – AHF WAD: Bremerton Candlelight Vigil- Kitsap Public Health District

    12/1 at 6pm – Oakland AHF 30th Anniversary Documentary Screening
    12/1 at 6pm – AHF San Diego World AIDS Day Event: Annual Tree of Life
    12/1 at 7pm – Impulse LA WAD: Fact or Fiction – Bar 10 WeHo
    12/1 at 7pm – Impulse San Francisco WAD: Round Table Event: Dirty Water

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    Southern Region

    12/1 at 10am – AHF Houston & Catholic Charities Women’s Services Present WAD Community Empowerment Event
    12/1 at 5:30pm – AHF WAD: Dallas Candlelight Vigil- Trinity Park Pavilion
    12/2 at 6pm – AHF WAD: Fort Worth Kingdom Harvest Word Church
    12/2 at 5pm – WAD Sherman Education Forum & Mini Concert: Payne Chapel AME Church

    12/1 at 6pm – AHF WAD: Baton Rouge Musical and Comedic Performance- Upstage Theater at Cortana Mall

    12/1 at 7pm – AHF WAD: Clinton New Dimensions Ministries HIV Testing
    12/1 at 7pm – AHF WAD: Canton High School Event

    12/1 at 12pm – AID Atlanta World AIDS Day: Luncheon and Interfaith Prayer Service
    12/1 at 7pm – AHF WAD: Atlanta Summerous Studio Evening Event

    11/30 at 6pm – AHF WAD: Columbia Panel Discussion-South Carolina State House
    12/1 at 12pm – AHF WAD: Hartsville Care-South Community Awareness and Outreach
    12/16 at 4pm – AHF WAD: McCormick Panel Disussion- Light of Life Community Church

    12/1 at 11am – AHF WAD: AIDS Quilt Ceremony-International Civil Rights Center and Museum

    12/1 at 10am – AHF WAD: St. Petersburg College Event
    12/1 at 10:30am – AHF WAD: Jacksonville Luncheon Omni Hotel
    12/1 at 6pm – AHF WAD: Orlando Shakespeare Theater
    12/1 at 8pm – Impulse South Florida WAD: Safe Sex – Fusse Studios Miami

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    Midwest Region

    11/30 at 6pm – WAD: Chicago AHF 30th Anniversary Documentary Screening Event-Malcolm X College

    12/1 at 6pm – AHF WAD: Movie Screening and Panel Discussion-Michigan State University

    12/1 at 7pm – AHF WAD: Covington Candlelight Vigil- First Christian Church

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    Eastern Region

    12/1 at 6pm – AHF WAD: DC ATLAS Theater Visual and Performing Arts

    11/30 at 6pm – AHF WAD: Baltimore FREE Concert-IWT The Real News Network

    12/1 at 3pm – AIDS Center of Queens World AIDS Day Testing and Candlelight Vigil
    12/1 at 6pm – AHF WAD: Brooklyn Out of the Closet Talent Showcase
    12/2 – AHF WAD: New York Impulse Event-Lightbox